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3D Laser Scanning In North Georgia
Lowery & Associates 3D Laser Scan Surveys in Dalton, Calhoun and North Georgia areas.

3D Laser Scanning is a highly detailed measurement technology used to create extremely accurate 3D models of an object or area. The 3D Laser Scanner can measure objects as small as a couple of millimeters or as large as entire city blocks. This technology can be used for various types of projects including building interiors and exteriors, roadways, highly detailed as-built surveys, areas and objects that are not accessible by hand and foot.


A few possible applications;


3D Laser Scanning Benefits;


Land Surveying Company serving the North Georgia Counties of:
Whitfield, Murray, Catoosa, Walker, Gordon and More.


Lowery & Associates Land Surveying Company registered in the states of:
Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi and North Carolina


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3d laser scanner in north georgia picture 3d laser scanning in north georgia picture